Canadian Food Gallery

Welcome to the Canadian Packaged Food Image Gallery website where we have chosen to showcase many of the leading brands and products covering a wide range of food items that are manufactured or produced in Canada.typical canadian food

There are many different types of foods that are produces locally in various parts of the country. Some are especially well known as national favorites such as maple syrup, bacon etc, others originate from one or more provinces, while others are restricted to more local origins.

Whatever you like or whatever you want to get a hold of, the chances are you'll find a reference to it somewhere inside this website.

We are running with this project to help support and promote Canadian Made products worldwide.

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What Are You Eating?

Eating is something we all need to do every day. We eat for nutrition, to stave off hunger, for enjoyment and taste. Different reasons but all necessary, leading to the complete reliance of many types of foodstuffs.

Learn to know what you eat, why you eat and how much is right or wrong while discovering what it is doing inside your body while you're here at our website in our "Diet & Nutrition section. Go ahead, surprise yourself!

Is Your Food Serving You?

A lot of people eat whatever they buy from the store and serve up on their plate. But very few actually ask themselves the question if that food they're eating is really serving them. What do I mean by that?

fresh fruit vegetables

Image: Wikipedia (Canadian superstore: Winkler, Manitoba)

Food is fuel for the body. Most of us have heard that one and it's perfectly true. The trick to enjoying great health is in making sure we give our bodies the right fuel for them to operate at their best efficiency and to send them on the right health ride in the right direction.

Whether you're eating rather ordinary but wholesome meals "like mama used to make" or you're into spicy, interesting meals like those created from gourmet Mexican recipes or other exotic sources, as long as the ingredients are wholesome, natural and fresh, you really can't go too far wrong.

The problem is that a lot of us are eating a lot of junk, much of it packaged to look like it's really pretty good when in truth, it's not. When we feed our bodies junk, we can expect to be rewarded some point down the line with a body that is not running as well as it could be and in some cases, is actually struggling to do what it's supposed to do and letting all kinds of problems arise.

Disease; ill health; aches and pains; abnormal swellings; fatigue; premature aging and even depression are mostly rooted in a bad diet being consumed over a long period of time. The wrong fuel causes the body to break down and book its reservation for the nearest hospital bed!

The good news is you can change it by changing your diet to eating the right kinds of food, or the right fuel for your body to start working the right way in all areas. Learn a bit about nutrition and start putting what you learn into action and you can turn your health around for the better.

That's another of the reasons why we're here. To show you how!